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Advantages of owning versus renting
You accumulate wealth by paying down debt in the form of mortgage payments, whereas rent pays a landlord's mortgage down.Over time, your net worth increases allowing you to establish a preferred...
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How are your [mortgage] vitals?
Mortgage lenders review applications on five basic [mortgage] vitals:Income & stability from employment or self employmentCredit historyDown payment amount on purchases, equity on...
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Fixed or Variable Rate Mortgage?
Which one? Fixed or variable rate mortgage?Lets start by understanding the difference between a fixed rate mortgage and a variable rate mortgage.Fixed rate mortgageA fixed rate mortgage is where the...
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9 Strategies to Build your RRSP for Downpayment
Harper has pledged to increase the maximum you can withdraw from your registered retirement savings plan to buy a home. One article is here. I’m writing to everyone that doesn’t have one and is...
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