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Rational vs. Emotional Decision Making
Today we chat with Loren Thompson Registered Counsellor in Private Practice at MindFul Space Counselling.We discuss rational vs. emotional decision-making processes in purchasing real estate and other...
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Stricter Stress Test Is Likely on the Way
If you’re in the market for a mortgage over the next several months, you’ll want to read on.Several new mortgage changes are coming down the pipeline that could affect your ability to qualify for a...
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Federal Budget 2021 - Housing Policy Highlights
The federal government unveiled its highly anticipated budget today, which didn’t include any substantive measures aimed at cooling the much talked about heated housing market, as some had...
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Recreational Properties Likely to See Continued Demand & Price Growth in 2021
For the past year, soaring home prices and a desire for more space have sent homebuyers flocking beyond the suburbs and into beautiful cottage country.It’s a trend that is playing out right across the...
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